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Bachelor Courses

The bachelor in arts, science and commerce (simple as well as

honors ) course will be of three years duration having a semester

wise examination system.


Conditions for Enrollment for the Bachelor of

Honors Courses


Before submitting the application form for honors course the

candidate must satisfy himself that he has scored the minimum of

45 % marks in the related subject of previous examinations

(Intermediate of Arts, Science and Commerce).


For enrollment into honors course the minimum of 45 % marks is

compulsory, but if the number of applications is more from a

particular place then in this situation for selection of the

candidates higher cut off marks will be considered.


It is not necessary that every candidate having a score of

minimum of 45 % will be permitted to honors course.


The candidates scoring an average of 45 % in I.Com and I.Sc are

also eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Arts Honors Course.

















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