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Seraikella Kharsawan
Intermediate Course
Intermediate of Arts
Intermediate of Science
Intermediate of Commerce
Fee Details
Simple Terms & Conditions for Admission

(A) . In the intermediate course the following language courses

       are compulsory for all the Arts,Commerce and Science



       (a) Hindi 'A' ( for Hindi Language Students )

       (b) Hindi 'B' ( for Non-Hindi Language Students )

       (c) English Core


Arts Faculty


(B). Any one from the following optional Course:




     Panchparganiya and Ho.


(C). The arts students can select any three subjects from the

      following given subjects.


     History,Political Science,Philosophy,Economics,Psychology,
     Geography,Home Science,Mathematics/Statistics. 


Optional Subject


(I)  From the subjects mentioned in (B) and (C) , any one subject

     can be selected as optional subject.


(II) Only one language cannot be selected as the core and the

      optional subject.













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